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Our History

Hospitality.  Integrity.  Perseverance.

Two years after Big Wil and Evelyn launched their first catering gig at their local church (Church of the King - Mandeville), Hurricane Katrina ravaged Louisiana in 2005.  At that time, Evelyn was also involved at their church choir and they all decided to hold a worship event in the outskirts of New Orleans.  It was there that Evelyn met with organizers of the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief and American Red Cross, sharing what the Lord pressed in her heart to serve by delivering food to disaster victims.  The organizers were initially hesitant to partner with the couple; however, Big Wil and Evelyn were determined to deliver meals into debris-impacted areas where the organizers were not permitted to go.

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"We will go above and beyond - because we are called to help,” Evelyn said.

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Needless to say, the organizers tested Big Wil and Evelyn to deliver a small load of 25 meals.  On the next day, they entrusted the couple to deliver more than 500 meals! Soon, they built partnerships with local restaurants and non-profit food banks to haul and store truckloads of food across the Greater New Orleans area.

Truitt Cathy once said, "We change the world and ourselves by our response to unexpected opportunities."

Big Wil and Evelyn responded to this unexpected event with hospitality, integrity, and perseverance.

These core principles continue to guide our family-owned event concessions company to this day.

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