• Evelyn Vielman

Cochon de Lait

This weekend, May 10th to May 13th, the Mansura Chamber of Commerce presents the 44th Annual Cochon de Lait Festival in Mansura, Louisiana. Mansura is the Cochon de Lait capital of the world. The festival mixes great Cajun food, good times, and Louisiana music with the famous “cochon de lait” (French for roast suckling pig). There is plenty to see and do for the entire family to “pass a good time.”From the Children's Pig Pen to the Greasy Pig contest and the Cracklin Cook-off in between, we have something for you.

Come on over to “Big Wil & the Warden’s” food booth for some mouthwatering Cajun style dishes and refreshing lemonade:

* Seafood Platter

* Shrimp Tacos

* Cajun Shrimp Explosion

* Philly Steak Poboy

* Rib-Eye Steak Poboy

* CajunBurger

* Slaw Burger

* Citrus Lemonade


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